hilosquesujetanelmundo said: Tsutomu Nihei's Blame! And so on is getting a reprint. Is there any chance you will bring it to North America? You guys have expressed some interest in it.


If there is demand for it, we would look at it closer. When we brought up it last, there was very little interest for it. And while Sidonia is doing well, we are already overbooked through 2015 (we might be doing 5 books a month starting this summer; up from 4 this year).

PLEASE DO THIS. The prices the individual volumes are going for now (especially 4 & 6) made me weep and feel tempted to irresponsibly break the bank (so to speak) so that I could afford them. Maybe just make them in limited quantities or on a commissioned basis for individual fans, but believe me, there are plenty of people out there who would be over the moon at this news if you were to put Blame! back in print.

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Animals you never knew existed!

1) Maned Wolf

2) Pink Fairy Armadillo

3) Patagonian Mara

4) Raccoon Dog

5) Sunda Colugo

6) Irrawaddy Dolphin

I feel like the saiga antelope should be on this list.


The pink fairy armadillo is the best one.

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"Suey" Park and Paranoic, Low-Stakes, Self-Proclaimed Martyrdom As a Culturally-Sanctioned Lifestyle Choice

Internet controversy 101  (Privilege Panic):
1) Get upset at a comment because you are looking to be upset about something, and see your most feared boogeyman everywhere, regardless of the other ways it could be taken or how many other people are actually upset

2) Recruit others to share in your narcissistic injury

3) When a percentage of people you go up against decide to take exception to your special pleading and an even smaller minority post “racist” comments back to you, you use this to confirm your paranoid worldview and your delusional mind believes you won this round of an imaginary war that never ends, with you as the central hero[ine].

4) Continue to live the “privileged” life of an Asian American who’s really just an American who grew up here and has the luxury to of expecting to get an ideologically sympathetic media and academic institution establishment on her side.

5) Exactly nothing changes.

Now, with all that in mind, let us enjoy something this well-adjusted young women wrote here:


It’s time to come clean about something. For anyone who knows me personally, I have been very stressed as of late. I have finally made a very hard decision.

I had been appointed a secret agent for White People Affairs (WPA), a surveillance agency created to keep an eye out on white folks. At WPA we understand that white people have a history of committing unimaginable violence. In my position, I have lived among them and worked among them. I have successfully infiltrated the most dangerously white places in order to better study white pathology. It was so anxiety-provoking…never knowing when white people would snap and show their true nature. Never knowing when I might be discovered. I am relieved to say I have retired from my position, as it was physically and emotionally unhealthy.  I couldn’t look too obvious when taking notes, so my findings may look strange to you.

They won’t break me yet! I will not be discovered and tortured again!

I will be leaking top secret notes throughout the coming weeks

What a piece of work. She has a chip on her shoulder large enough to be an extra continent, and I am immensely relieved to say that the vast majority of people who look like her are infinitely stronger and more self-aware than she could ever hope to be. She’s precisely the type of person given to reveling in this histrionic, very public display of personal psychodrama. She requires the world to exorcise her personal failings, which I am equally relieved to say will never happen.

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And when not 

[ La Collectionneuse (The Collector)  1967 by Éric Rohmer. ]


And when not

[ La Collectionneuse (The Collector) 1967 by Éric Rohmer. ]

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Okay, there’s low, and then there’s digging all the way to hell.

If what these “Men’s Rights” leaders said doesn’t make you sick then there’s something wrong with you.

“I don’t find it particularly hyperbolic for a man to say, ‘I’m not gonna give a damn about female rape victims anymore,’” Elam said in a videoposted Sunday on YouTube. “They have tons of money, of law enforcement, of special programs funded by the government, of social consciousness – schools have Take Back The Night rallies, everything you can possibly think of.”

Elam was responding to a profile published Sunday byThe Daily Beastabout John “The Other” Hembling, who was quoted as saying in a video that he didn’t“give a f*** about rape victims anymore.”

The men’s rights activist noted that Hembling, the editor-in-chief for A Voice For Men who’s been tapped to succeed Elam as the group’s leader, had since taken down the video from his own YouTube channel, although it remains online elsewhere.

“’John The Other’ makes a video and says, because he’s angry at dealing with these clowns, at doing this, that, ‘I don’t give a damn about rape victims,’ and it’s something to terrorize his reputation with,” Elam says. “I stand behind John for making that video.”

Are they lying? Did Elam really say this?

If he said this stuff then I can see no way that this is acceptable no matter what context surrounds this remark.

No decent human being ever says “I don’t give a damn about rape victims.” I don’t care if the feminist zealots have abused the issue, or if they ignore male victims of rape, or if they excuse female rapists. I don’t care if women victims of rape have law enforcement to back them up - and Steubenville shows they don’t always have law enforcement to back them up, considering those rapists only got 2 years after they BRAGGED about it!!! And no, it also does not matter if men get falsely accused and nobody cares about them. It doesn’t matter what leads you down that road - when you stop caring about rape victims, you stop being a decent human being.

Yes, there is a terrible problem with feminists not advocating for male victims of rape. There is a terrible problem with feminists not helping to crack down on women who make false rape claims. Hell, feminists are hurting themselves when they don’t make a stink about women who make false rape claims. Women rape, too, and underaged boys who are victims of adult women rapists are victim-blamed by the State and ordered to pay child support. Men’s Rights groups are the only groups who are going to stand for these boys: we ain’t getting help from any women’s groups on that. BUT NONE OF THIS JUSTIFIES SAYING YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT WOMEN VICTIMS OF RAPE.

Would you say that if it was your mother who got raped? I think not.

Need I even post this? Apparently I must, because at least two self proclaimed leaders of the Men’s Rights movement have said this, not even 2 months ago as of this post. This shit happened while I was blogging like crazy on Tumblr and I never saw any MRAs protesting this. WHY???

We can’t be silent about this crap. Now I’ll retract my condemnation of Paul Elam and John Hembling if someone can prove to me that they never said this crap. But barring that… I never signed up for this bullshit when I pledged loyalty to the cause of men’s liberation.

These remarks deserve nothing short of mass protest among the Men’s Rights Movement. If this guy actually said this bullshit and you agree and you feel that we shouldn’t care about women victims of rape THEN WE DON’T NEED NO PARACHUTE, LET THAT FOLLOWER COUNT FALL.

I’m a woman who has also stopped caring about the vast majority of female rape victims for the very reasons he has specifies. In light of the constant barrage of media/blog histrionics, this response is known as compassion fatigue, and I suggest you look it up. I admire him for being candid rather than pretending to think something he doesn’t, which is rare in this era of deliberate feminist double-talk.

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'U.S. English Facebook users can now select 10 out of over 50 gender identities for the About Me section of their profile. Some of these options include “androgynous”, “gender-fluid,” and “neither.” And in addition to these custom genders, users can decide what pronouns appear when they publicly comment, “Like,” or share a post. For example, a user named Chris can tweak his pronouns to say “Chris changed his profile picture,” or the more neutral, “Chris changed their profile picture.”’

Facebook: now sanctioning delusional mental illnesses as though they were facts of nature.

I cannot even put into words how badly this website has jumped the shark.
Human beings are either male, female or intersexed, and technically, those who are intersexed are just mutated males or females.

"Gender" is a fake construct built around its implicit embrace of a political system in which "identity" trumps facts.

Do not fall for it.

If you do fall for it, I hope you either come to your senses, or get kicked in the head by a horse.

Also butchering the English language.
I want mankind to B-U-R-N.

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Justin Bieber and the Tyranny of the Many

All this rage at Justin Bieber is just a convenient excuse for people to release their pent up vitriol at something/someone who is far removed from them in an echelon of society that on some very base level they greatly resent for being so out of their reach. Was what he did immensely foolish and likely fueled by exaggerated arrogance? Certainly. Was it ultimately so much different than the irresponsible, unconscionable illegal things that millions run-of-the-mill thugs get arrested for each day? Not so much. 
The main difference was that anything he does happens so publicly that he would ultimately be far more intensely and perhaps even irrevocably humiliated by the backlash of his own actions than would the average idiot, even if they were rich but not famous. His punishment will continue long after any official one ceases, his riches merely the backdrop of this gilded cage of public scrutiny.
If you want to hold Justin Bieber responsible for his actions, you have to do the same for everyone else, regardless of their perceived social standing. The inconsistent application of this new cultural ethos of “emerging adulthood” is a non-sequitor if we are trying to build our society upon anything more advanced than making “responsibility” a commodity that exists primarily as a punishment for people who are placed into a class and regarded as more successful.
So certainly, go ahead and say Justin Bieber deserves legal ramifications for his actions, but don’t pretend that somehow his fame should impact the severity of that punishment relative to others, or you are giving away envy, and not justice, as your primary subconscious motivator. Equality before the law is the only equality that can logically be allowed to matter, and it is the only barrier between any of us as individuals versus the tyranny of others’ capricious whims.

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While I can never claim to be the biggest football fan in the world, I can claim to be a huge, gigantic fan of good ole’ fashioned post-game shit talk. This must be why I love professional wrestling so much.

One of my all-time favorite post-game shit talks will forever be from former UFC…

I think it’s a mistake to take almost anything anyone on the internet says seriously. People just say mean things for the sake of saying them, to get a rise out of people, because the anonymity of the internet provides a venue to press people’s buttons for even the shallowest of motivations, but (most importantly) to do so without repercussions. It happens to everyone, for every reason. This is just another case of people (as the Brits would say) “taking the piss”.
And quite frankly, people who participate inn the stereotypes of what they’re expected to be should not at all be surprised to find that other people will call them that thing they despise. Especially when people going around calling THEMSELVES that all the damn time. Additionally, the word has in fact been expanded to include any lazy, ignorant, and/or entitled person who is proud of their classlessness. I say, call people that all you want.

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Are you ready to go #SomewhereOvertheRainbow #Thursday #December5th #Miami #Mondrian #ArtBasel #PlayWithUs #HealingMagic #Friends #FriendsWithYou #Rainbow #Magic


Are you ready to go #SomewhereOvertheRainbow #Thursday #December5th #Miami #Mondrian #ArtBasel #PlayWithUs #HealingMagic #Friends #FriendsWithYou #Rainbow #Magic

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